Serenade Duo

Michelle LaPorte, flute & Gerry Saulter, guitar


Program Themes


Works by living composers that celebrate the spirit and diversity of Latin America.

A New Argentina

Honoring the legacy of Astor Piazzolla as the Father of Tango Nuevo, this program also includes works by notable 21st century composers Maximo Diego Pujol and Jose Luis Merlin who continue to transform the musical landscape of Argentina and beyond.

Siempre Vivo!

Featuring South American compositions from Serenade Duo’s widely acclaimed Centaur Records album.


Postcards from Paris  

Melodic 19th & 20th century works for flute and guitar by French composers from Serenade Duo’s debut album with Centaur Records.


Rio Days & Tuscan Nights

Lyrical flute and guitar music by composers from Brazil and Italy.

Memories of Spain

Contemporary music by Spanish composers and works inspired by Spanish culture, heritage, and spirit.

Viva Americas!

Celebrating music by composers from North and South America.

L’Amour Italia

Music for flute and guitar by Italian composers throughout the centuries.

The Heart of Asia

Original arrangements of music by traditional Japanese composers and selected works influenced by the beauty of Asian culture. 

Around the World

A multi-cultural program featuring an array of music by composers from across the globe.

Letters & Music from the Front Lines

Readings of war letters written by soldiers intertwined with music reflective of the humanity shared within poignant letters to home.

Musical Landscapes & Pastorale Celebrations

Unique seasonal programs inspired by the beauty of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Traditional Concert Gala

Flute and guitar compositions of the 18th and 19th century. Including works by: Guiliani, Bach and Carulli.

Concertos for Two

Flute and guitar with chamber orchestra. Featuring an original string quartet arrangment of Ferdinando Carulli's Concerto in G Major for flute and guitar.


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