Serenade Duo

Michelle LaPorte, flute & Gerry Saulter, guitar


Sharing the gift of music! 

SMA Philosophy:

To create a joyful and nurturing environment in which every student is encouraged to flourish. Dedicated to individual and chamber ensemble studies, SMA offers a spacious loft studio that is a beautiful atmosphere for students to explore their musical creativity.

Our vision is to enthusiastically assist students on their journey of musical expression!


  • Private Weekly Flute Lessons with Michelle LaPorte
  • Private Weekly Guitar Lessons with Gerry Saulter
  • Small Ensemble Lessons (duos, trios, quartets)
  • Lessons Available through Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer Sessions
  • NYSSMA Preparation
  • College Audition and Recital Preparation
 Serenade Music Academy, Saint James NY

Serenade Music Academy, Saint James NY

The SMA Experience:

  • Studying music as a means of positive self expression for students of all ages and abilities.
  • Preparing young students to have music be a part of their lives.
  • Instructing flute and guitar students who are interested in competition/NYSSMA preparation.
  • Guiding pre-college flute and guitar students through their college audition process.
  • Assisting adult learners to stay "young at heart" through playing and learning music.
  • Promoting the fun of music making through "The Art of the Ensemble" chamber music workshops. 
  • Gaining an understanding and appreciation of the practice process.
  • Maintaining a high standard of excellence in a positive and creative setting. 
  • Making the community a brighter and happier place through the transformative power and joy of music.
  • Embracing the meditative and healing possibilities of playing music.

“Never forget to play the little music inside of you.” - Philippe Bertaud (1967-2014)

lesson Fees: 

Lessons function on a simple pay as you come policy. Weekly and monthly payment is available. 

As a courtesy,  24 hours notice for a lesson cancellation is greatly appreciated. 

  • 45 minute lesson:  $55
  • 60 minute lesson:  $75


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